Wayaba Co-operative Rural Bank Union Ltd (WCRB) which is a Secondary Level co-operative financial institute is operating in North Western Province in Sri Lanka. Headquarter is at No.107,Dambulla Road Kurunegala and its services are available  with all the operating branches scattered in both administrative district Kurunegala & Puttlam which covers under the governing three divisions of  Assistant Commissioners of Co-operative Development, Kurunegla , Kuliyapitiya & Chilaw.

Banking Services – Savings, Loans and Pawning

Swarna Shakthi Pawning Training Center

Printing Services

Rice Field Processing Center

Fuel Filling Station

Reception Hall and Building for Rent

WCRB IT Solutions

Agency Services Sector


Co-operation is an ENTERPRENIAL ORGANIZATION that is administrated democratically with the collective ownership of those who got together in order to fulfill higher economic, Social and cultural aspirations independently and voluntarily. (Abstract from Annual Report 2010)

Being a member of co-operative community  WCRB is based on the generic idea above and it is operating with following co-operative business Principles, Value & Ethics.

Co-operative Principles

Voluntary and Open Membership

Democratic Member Control

Member’s Economic Participation

Autonomy and independence

Education, Training and Information

Co-operation among Co-operative Organization

Concern for the Community

Co-operative Shared Values and Ethics



Social Responsibility

Caring for others







Co-operative Business Policies

Highest Standard & Excellence in all service operations

Full Participation among members & community

Productive investment confirming maximum benefit to members

Education and Training

Being Lawful

Independent from political, racial, social and religious limitations

Social Development


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Our Vision is to become the strongest and exemplary Co-operative Monetary Organization in the North Western Province of the Sri Lanka that renders maximum benefits to our member-led community.

- Under the WCRB umbrella – North Western Provincial community is benefited with its diversified services like:

Board of directors is consist of 9 members out of which 6 will be appointed by general assembly at AGM and rest of 3 will be appointed by the Commissioner of Co-operative Development of North Western Province  as per statutory requirements. The Chairman and the Vice Chairmen will be appointed by the General Assembly among of afforested 9 members.

Currently following members are representing the board of directors.

A.H.M.Ranasingha Bandara - Chairman

A.M.Gamini Athapaththu

H.Ashoka Indraneel

J.A. Chandana Prasad Jayasingha - Vice Chairman

M.Dammika Perice

M.Sumith Deshapriya Perera

P.P.D. Sarath Kularathna

Sarath kumara Ranathunga

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